25th August 2020

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Welcome to my gallery

I  live in my motorhome with Bo my border collie

 and regularly travel to the 

Scottish highlands and islands.

My favourite Island is Mull closely followed by Skye.

I am fascinated by birds of prey and one of my 

favourites is the stunning

Golden Eagle.

However my  favourite bird has to be 

the kingfisher 

 I have spent many hours waiting to capture the perfect shot.

Check out my kingfisher page by following the birds link above.

I have recently enjoyed watching 

Little Owls  and Peregrine Falcons 

and of course “Colin the Cuckoo!”

Recent Sightings

For an up to date list here is a link to my recent sightings gallery

Slideshow below 

As Im so frustrated with instagram 

The quality is so poor.

As it only contains my recent photos just click here for a link to images of a far better quality.

Available from   

Saturday 29th August